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Selling your home can be an emotional and challenging process. The Payne Real Estate Team with 30 years of experience understands the North Bay Area’s housing market. We will put together an effective marketing strategy including utilizing our extensive network of real estate professionals, as well as the latest tech tools and resources to get your property sold at the highest value.

A modern day Real Estate Consultant not only needs to know how to navigate through the sales process, but also needs to be an exceptional storyteller. The Payne Real Estate Team uses all the latest tech tools in an effort to create a story for your home, and make sure that story is put in front of the right audience.

From websites and social media, to video production, and latest virtual reality/ 3D tours, to the use of predictive analytics; every tech advantage will be leveraged to make his listings look incredible, and get in front of the correct target audiences.

“We are an innovative team, using technology to blend the boundaries of Real Estate and story telling.” – Sean Payne

“Want to Know Your Homes Value? Or Where the Market is Going?”

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